Robuzt Technologies is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, Robuzt collaborates with its clients, transforming them into high-performers. With deep industry and business process expertise, global resources and a proven track record, Robuzt can intersect the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients realize aspirations



If you have an Idea, we have the expertise and tools to design intuitive interfaces that grab consumer attention for all kinds of devices.



Develop applications for web, desktop and mobile devices by leveraging industry standard technologies, frameworks and tools



Strategic guidance and hands-on expertise in planning and implementing to turn your CRM investment into a success.



Maximize your CRM Investments by leveraging standardized CRM practices from industry experts.

Why Robuzt?

Social networking, increased mobility, adoption of digital channels, increased consumer expectations and transparency across industries are just a few of the factors fundamentally reshaping customer interaction. Consumer behaviour is becoming increasingly sophisticated as customers now have higher expectations from organizations. In response to the increasing demand of user centered services, enterprises are responding by adding new interaction models and enhancing channel capabilities.Most companies have no shortage of ideas on ways to improve customer experience. The real challenge is to select the right set of initiatives that maximize value, taking into account the dependencies on other elements of the operating model.


Making the transition to interactive marketing is a journey that begins with executive commitment to a customer-centered organization. It requires achieving a 360-degree view of the customer, engaging customers in an  on-going dialog, integrating this conversation across channels, and enabling all this with a solid, scalable marketing platform that allows you to plan, execute, track, and adjust all your marketing operations flexibly and efficiently. The assessments help you gain new customer insight using time-boxed data analytics designed to provide actionable insights that prove the concept and the value of moving your organization in this direction.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

We at Robuzt excel in developing focussed strategies based on behavioural data and market interaction that statistically produce higher conversion rates. Our expertise in varied fields ranging from applications for mobile to desktop and the web, lends us a perspective that only few organizations can match in the industry. Our proven excellence in cloud computation and CRM implementation has established us as a foremost consulting agency with clients from nearly every industry.We help you scale when you want to grow your business. We help you design when you want to change customer’s perspective. We help you sell when you need innovative marketing models. To understand your customers, we analyze your vast pool of data and present them in result oriented metrics that help you make better decisions. When you are ready to launch, we test your services and applications to ensure that you get the expected performance.

Technology Expertise

Design and Development

Any application begins from an idea. Sketching the idea into a visual prototype that conforms to standards and utilizes best practices to attract user interaction and intuitive workflow requires not just expertise but also experience gained across verticals. We believe, if a user has to think before he taps a button or has to wonder where a link takes him, we have failed in our design. To create fluid intuitive interfaces, we deploy all kinds of applications with user studies that simply doesnt allow our users to think. Only then development begins and code replaces prototypes.

Implementation and Consulting

Robuzt starts with the business outcome and focuses on aligning technology and processes to the predefined plan. Every CRM implementation is unique. Factors like the type of organization, workforce, product types and a lot of others play a major role in deploying a CRM. Salesforce is the most deployed CRM solution in the market today and our prior expertise allows us to make tough decisions at relative ease during implementation. Our team focuses primarily on small and mid sized businesses make quick transitions to run their sales, marketing, customer service etc to the on demand Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Implementation

Implementing a CRM solution for your business is a challenge in itself. Each organization is different and thus produced data completely different from others. Integrating the data inflow into Salesforce allows organizations to analyse, predict and react on consumer behaviour strategically.

Salesforce Integration

Thousands of web services have created API’s to integrate and customize data through the Salesforce platform. Our Salesforce consultants help you integrate your platform with all required web API’s for creating optimized solutions and custom dashboard for presenting information

Business Process Consulting

We create a strategically positioned business that not only thrives but also stands as a tough competitor.We help you make better decisions and prepare workflows that produce optimized products and services by utilizing necessary resources that you never even knew existed.

Technical Infrastructure Consulting

If you are deploying your application on hardware present on your premises, they can help you configure and reduce costs through distributed computing. If you are selecting a cloud service, they can help you find the services ideal for your application specifications.

Internet Marketing Consulting

The numerous search engines and social media platforms, each with their own set of rules and laws for application design and optimization process often create drastic challenges for individuals and businesses.Therefore we help you gain untapped audience through online marketing

Software Development

Our application development abilities extend way beyond traditional desktop environments. We also develop applications for mobile and handheld devices.

Testing and QA Services

Our Testing and QA services help you plan, design and execute an effective testing strategy to ensure optimum quality assurance for all your products and services.

Website Development

Every web application development project includes the following stages: Strategy, Design, Development, Testing and Analytics. Each of these stages are crucial in the overall success of the application among its audience.

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